i live in a literary labyrinth

corridors of books

lead to doors of books

which open to rooms

of even more books

this media maze

just could be a craze

stacked in so many ways

novels, shorts, and plays

mixed where nonfiction stays

a book on the desk

cascade of pages splayed

like a cliff at each edge

where the world

meets the page

the present pair

verso and recto

exposed to the air

face open sky

and eager eyes

another tome, not alone

sits off to the side

waiting with a chopstick

tucked gently inside

at page one fifty nine

its friend, on which it rests

sports a thirty cm ruler

translucent, clean, and green

to mark chapter sixteen

unseen for a week

up on the shelves

books become buddies

stacked title to blurb

their bindings revealing

their voices once heard

atop each row of bounded reams

another layer with perfect seams

the younger stratigraphy

stacked horizontally

upon physics and philosophy

whether i’m lucid or in a daze

i pick up new books like strays

for some bibliophilia is a phase

but it has been with me always

and shall linger all of my days

i suppose to some

living in an endless library

where books have consumed the walls

could seem downright scary

as if books could devour their souls

but for me this literary labyrinth

ignites imagination, frees the mind

it is truly a magical librarinth

cultivates creativity, feeds the soul

come, enter the fantastic libryrinth

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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