dozen drops

dry dry days

for you and me

dry dry days

one hundred three

but blessed sky

brings deliverance

diamond drops fly

such sweet precipitance

the rains have come

their sprinkled blessings

and bliss poured down

yet only on

the other side of town

our roofs and streets

our rocks and lawns

our toes and heads

remain desert dry

i know not why

so we traipse on to

the rain-blessed side

and enjoy the aftermath

the descent is done

but the sidewalks glisten

the streets half-dry

just hours after

moonlit puddles cluster

in once-parched gutters

moist grass rain-christened

urban pastoral peace

moistened with the streets

humid fragrance we inhale

pause here for awhile

for remnant raindrops listen

for a while

our whole world stops

a gleeful cricket hops

and we are gifted

with a dozen drops

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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