pebbles of the past

i drove by
that place
we used to go
where people
used to flow

i walked past
the empty lot
remembering you and i
at that spot

i went back
to see it again
stood at the edge
stood, and looked in

i stepped foot
upon the stones
entered the lot
that time forgot

the people, the buildings
all are long gone
vacated and bulldozed
where once there was song

gone are the vegetables
flowers and herbs
no shadow of tree or weed
where once grew a throng

the ghosts of gardens
whisper no tales
not a single plant stands
now pebbles prevail

cautiously the soles
of my woeful feet
bring me to the place
we used to meet

alack i have come back
visiting the past, alas
everything is gone
oh what has come to pass

has it been so long
i remember it like yesterday
beneath my feet nothing
what time has swept away

within my eye a tear
within my heart i fear
in my mind so clear
all that we held dear

vivid memories
of festive reveries
the joyous sounds of songs
for which my true heart longs

i ponder upon the pebbles
my mind wanders all the way
echoes of what fell silent
gone five thousand days

i feel the rumble of the soul
and slip onto the past
i hear the call of shadows
that come upon me fast

and there we are together
basking in long-gone weather
your voice, your face, your smile
is with me all the while

therein i dwell
my heart does swell
what seemed so sure
so swiftly fell

and i come back
into the now
it fades so fast
why can’t it last

i feast upon reminiscent repast
relive moments from time i steal
upon the pebbles of the past
my soles every memory feel

i remember it like yesterday
as these respects i often pay
in the past my heart plays
of what’s been gone
five thousand days

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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