The Five Senses

How well do you know the five senses? How do they shape your reality?

Does cilantro taste like one of the most delightful herbs ever, or does it taste like soap to you? For about twenty percent of humans, cilantro tastes like soap. For the other eighty percent, it may taste delicious. Cilantro that is, not soap.

“Fully-sighted” people sense about one ten-trillionth of the electromagnetic spectrum with their eyes. Do you think what you see is reality? Do you see the world as it is?

When you eat at home or when you eat out at a restaurant, do you go for the buffet of many items, or do you eat just one dish per meal? What about when you try a new cuisine for the first time? Perhaps you try the sampler platter so that you can try small amounts of different dishes or maybe everyone at your table gets a different dish to share. I would like to offer you a sampler platter of something that you have probably known all your life—information about the five senses.

The TED Radio Hour program The Five Senses provides a sampler of interviews and snippets of TED Talks about hearing, taste, vision, smell, and the sense of touch. TED Radio Hour (The FIve Senses). If you don’t see The Five Senses at the top of the list, scroll or search for that episode (dated January 20, 2017). I hope you enjoy it.

For more information, you could watch a video of each of the separate parts. Here are some links (click on the names):

Did you learn anything? What were the most interesting aspects of the overall program, or of each of the presentations?

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