some people seem
like sandpipers
chasing the waves
out to sea
with their flock
flowing like the trailing edge
of the waves themselves
skittering back to shore
chased by the waves
living their lives
with the ebb and tide
pecking at the sand
searching for prizes
in the brief time
of those swooshing moments
between the waves
which wash away
their footprints
like writing in the sand

sandpipers lives confined
attached to the edge of the sea
to flow like the tide
needing the waves
to remind
when to chase
when to run away
hopeful for what they’ll find
secrets in the sand

we toil to build elaborate walls
in which we become invested
these walls we think we need
until we cannot see beyond
cannot bear to build outside the box

we imagine we are smarter
than the average fox
everything pigeonholed in binders
while we hide behind our blinders
shackles for the mind
cannot see beyond the stocks

we devise the greatest gadgets
of polished sand and magnets
myopic doggerheaded traps
compartmentalized ‘til it snaps
unwilling to look outside
or learn to live beyond the locks

we herd together in our flocks
huddle in our leaky boats
tie them tighter to the cleats
afraid to brave the tempest’s seas
neither do we go to shore
nor dare to dream beyond the docks

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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