twenty score

his name was Willy Wigglestick
he burned like a candle 
with two wicks

he captured words
like precious birds 
who tweet and twit
as they dart and flit

many a phrase he caged 
some serene, others raged
quantities of quotable quips 
spoken by the shrewdest lips

to him, all the globe's a stage
and he the master mage
he juggled gibe and wit
with sarcastic schtick 

with his plays his words do prick
in my heart his sonnets stick 
a plethora, perhaps you pick
tales of a tempest's trick

he had a knack 
that many lack
thrilled the people 
thin and thick

Will filled the world 
with the wildest plays
with courtly ways
and midsummer days

all these years
aye, twenty score
since he settled in to snore 
words spread on the wind
like seed and spore

what e'er you feel of the bard's art
as fresh as dew, his words live on
in his meter i hear his heart
in his rhyme i hear his song

all our yesteryears
aye, twenty score
since he penned his final score
in this mortal game 
of shuffleboard

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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