slender sliver

slender sliver of light
burns away the night
ignites this fuse
awakens my muse

this tapestry unfurls
as the day uncurls
this fuse burns bright
my muse ignites

at first a hazy glimmer
then horizon starts to shimmer
wanton flood of light invades
to every niche of sky pervades

into lyric sky words infuse
each word its flavors imbues
as seasoned sky slowly brews
not a word can she refuse

such bliss such joy how can it last
will not we tire of this repast
and then this tale comes to a close
within the night takes its repose

then not a word will muse disclose
not a hint of glimmers or glows
into the darkness last light flows
silent darkness black as crows

yet even in the crow-dark stillness
i fight the museless voiceless illness
fumble to recall dear slender sliver
chill of night quakes me, makes me shiver

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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