butterflies of doom

beware the heinous
noodles on the prowl
fierce enough to make
a grown wolf howl

watch out for the raid
of the raucous ramen
their dastardly marauding
screaming ramen scalding

take caution of
pernicious pasta
such dangers and surprises
lurk in its many guises

fear the feisty farfalle
little evil gluten filled
butterflies of doom
your entrails they’ll entomb

hear the banshee cry
of the reaping rigatoni
my poor late uncle tony
dared to eat it all aloney

heed the wicked wail
of curvy conchiglie
strange suspicious shells
who scare the hounds of hell

in a dark alley you may meet
a mob of malicious macaroni
often seen slathered in cheese
their twists and turns bring you to your knees

whatever you do, beware
the stealthy angel hair
such seductive graceful strands
pull you in like pasta quicksand

but most of all take note
of the wrath of stringy spaghetti
it could turn you into confetti
and that could be all you wrote

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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