from a dream
within a dream
i awoke
but i waited
breath baited
before i spoke

i clung to dreams fantastic
spun of fabric not elastic
spoken words would rescind
drunk on this somnific milk
delicate like asclepius silk
within the waking wind

curiosity craved completion
before waking wind-culled deletion
the last dream-drop i must milk
night knitter fumbling needles
stitching with a million beetles
woven of milkweed silk

though well rested
in dream deeply nested
i was dream drunk
on sleep surely sated
yet the dream-flood not abated
deeper still i slowly sunk

i came across some friends
where the road weaves and wends
but all was not as it would seem
my hands reached into the landscape
felt the fabric of this dreamscape
my fingers came across a seam

i felt my way along the stitching
following this seam bewitching
found an edge, tugged at the curtain
cast aside both friend and tree
who were woven in this tapestry
there you stood with look uncertain

i smiled and reached out my hand
you stared and motionless did stand
then jerked back the former curtain
was i so hideous
now that you’d seen
me as i am
not merely painted
stitched into
the curtain inbetween
who was your friend
the one who sailed
before your eyes
painted on the dreamy skies
or this stranger
revealed behind the curtain

i searched again
i found the seam
in the fabric
of the inbetween

i tugged once more
at the distant shore
and cast aside
the guise once more

you stood there still
with steadfast will
so used to the tapestry
that had always dangled
before your eyes

i plucked a flower
from the colorful shower
that danced upon the sidecast curtain
and offered the flower to you
you took it unsure what to do
the flower from the one behind the curtain

who made this curtain between us
of what fabric is the curtain made
is everyone behind a curtain
who is in front
and who is behind
are we afraid of what we’ll find

so you and i
set to work
unstitching the walls
that divided us all
unzipping the ceiling
and welcoming healing
uncinching the floor
and offering more

and all our friends
our former strangers
stood together
without these false walls
without those curtains
of the dreamy certain
unveiled we knew not what was in store
had the curtains been mine or yours

and so our throng
friends new and long
though we knew the painted
now newly acquainted
chatted and cheered
and no longer feared
for we knew we had become
the many of the one

yet just as we
were getting to know
all this curtainless world
was willing to show
we felt the weeds
in between us grow
and knitting beetles
the tapestries rewove

and i awoke
to the all alone
yet remembered
that we don’t own
the curtains and veils
that we’ve been shown

we are the ones
behind the veils
we are the one
behind the curtains
and i reached out
once more
to find the seam
of the inbetween

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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