i wish you weren’t late
it’s nearly skatey-eight
if you could have stood up your date
with the trawling tide of fate

i could cook you some sketti
garnished with rosemary and parsley
we could throw some confetti
and sing you a festive medley

i shall still light candles seven
to blaze up to you in heaven
to give sway to gloppin hemlocks
the candles’ wind to heron flocks

if only we could have heard
sweet melodies
the whole range of your full piano
to capture the whole view
like a sweep
across the landscape in pano

ah, to reach the upper octave
to pass through life’s sieve
for what we had i light a glowing votive
and spend some time, reflective

you shared your tales evocative
at times you spewed stories effusive
sometimes you would speak in cursive
and proclaim in rants subversive
other moments more reclusive
transcended the mere sensitive
some would think it a fictive missive
how much you did give
when you did live

yet like the tang of a berry tart
your lessons shine on like true art
and like these candles seven
you burn on within my heart

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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