vivacious voice

i can still hear you

i don’t need tapes
cassette or reel to reel
your voice is something
that i feel

i don’t need
aiff or wav or em pee three
your voice lives on
inside of me

your voice echoes
inside the nooks
and crannies
in my head

within crevices and crevasses
in whorls of wind and hair
encoded in sulci and gyri
where no one else can stare

i feel your voice
in crimson tides
inside the ventricles
of my heart

every chamber resonates
with mem’ries of your voice
recalling tales of evermore
told of your true art

so many years
since you walked this earth
yet still i hear
you ever clear

so many nights of words
recorded into dictaphone
writing with your voice
as you sat alone

singing from the farthest pew
rattling all the rafters
forehead filled with arduous dew
echoes into ever afters

many stories compared
with belly jiggling banters
endless pun and jokes shared
with frantic red-faced laughters

it comes back to me
in moments crystal clear
and leaves me smiling and laughing
at voices no one else can hear

i can still hear you

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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