the air was cool
the day was young
it soon would warm
in the morning sun

but another source of heat
would warm this day
the hatching of the brood
would be complete

the shifter swan
laid seven eggs
there had been some surprises
hatched from eggy disguises

the first three had been cygnets
born amongst reeds and sticks
the next three, quite the mix
to round out the first six

four was a red dragon
fifth a phanty elegon
six started out bronze then
swiftly went winged unicorn

the nest smelled of sage
the remaining egg was beige
speckled purple in a rage
a creature no one could cage

the watchful swan
put ear to egg
and listened long

at first a murmur
a promising fervor
then silent stillness

was something wrong?
attendant ears throughout the throng
at last they heard the sacred song

swan banished all from the nest
all swiftly heeded the request
and hatched a plan made manifest

swan transformed into a dragon
gathered all the youngins
around nest formed a heptagon

with speckled egg center stage
dragon erupted into a rage
and set the nest ablaze

beige egg glowed white within the fire
flames flowed through the birthing pyre
silver smoke billowed upward like a spire

egg’s purple flecks glowed like suns of amethyst
beige shell burned like gold dancing with molten zest
a shining crack slowly formed from base to crest

beak burst forth from flaming orb
held high like a fiery lightning rod
every flame the beak did absorb
like sucked into a jar, a plunk was heard

burnt egg turned black
then continued to crack
the shell crumbled
egg disintegrated

amidst the ashen nest
unfolded feathers golden-red
beak looked round at the rest
swan and six siblings, varied bred

cool air bristled feathered crest
of gold freckled redhead
cry burst forth from beak and breast
became a fiery fountainhead

ca-caw cried out the baby phoenix
enveloped in dancing flames
burning last of reeds of sticks
swan began a round of names

swan-dragon turned into a phoenix
stepped forward into the steaming ashes
embraced Arabella with open wings
doused her in cleansing fiery splashes

within the former nest turned bonfire
from elder phoenix emerged blue aura
surrounded cygnets and other fledglings
with cooling sheen to brave the blaze

all stepped forth into the ashes
six more gathered round Arabella
wisps of blue danced with red licks
the shifter family, now with phoenix

when at last the flames subsided
the sapphire aura too was doused
sapphire swan and all shifter seven
built a new nest imbued with protection

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