rain who is slow

what a marvel is
this thing called snow
rain that is slow

whereas water maintains
near full transparency
loquacious raindrops
tell all their tales
snowflakes are shy
they do not want us
to see inside
what do snowflakes
have to hide

rain doesn’t mess around
it falls
it falls
it hits the ground

snowflakes aren’t quite lazy
they blow
they prance
they’re often crazy

as if they have
frozen time
these flakes of snow
drops who are slow
flirt with the wind
dance with the trees
and put on a show

snowflakes possess beauty
beyond compare
with modest elegance
and crystalline hair

impatient rain
condensed to a density
that guides their destiny
raindrops succumb to gravity
and rush to be merged
with other of their kind

patient snow
expansive snowflakes
take expressive shapes
gently they defy gravity
gracefully maintain identity

even once on tongue
tree house or ground
each snowflake is defiant
remains unique
filled with mystique
carried in its elegant arms

as wintry winds blow
it takes the stage
this rebel snow
puts on a show
a ballet with soft flow
this rain who is slow

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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