bronze forest and maroon

sapphire swan surrounded
by azure cygnets three
though hatched recently
cygnets have grown swiftly
they help the swan nurse
four eggy mysteries
upon the nest expanded

three cygnets with azure down
would blend into clear blue sky
but not old enough to fly
they swim and dive in the lake
on swan’s back they take a break
all three were nicknamed indigo
as their eyes remain deep blue
whatever form these shifters show

when indigo the name is called
all three waddle hither enthralled
yet each also has a given name
good when all three look the same
the first hatched was Nicole
the second out, Odette
and third the cygnet Tavi

they helped the swan expand the nest
so room there’d be for the rest
the swan at center egg does roost
the indigo atop the others boost
second hatching nigh educed
await how their siblings are transduced
from colors it could be deduced

Nicole perched atop the egg of bronze
upon unhatched sister she fawns
humongous egg in nest of swans
grid of goldenrod upon the shell
but who is inside time shall tell
sleepless Nicole fights back yawns
as the day of hatching dawns

Odette sits atop egg of forest green
no finer egg has this world seen
within the forest grown vines viridian
and nodes of night obsidian
not unlike the princess’ plight
Odette transforms each day and night
of her ward she shall soon have sight

Tavi rest atop egg unforgettable
her sister inside could be incredible
her egg a deep maroon indelible
with sanguine words nearly illegible
patiently she awaits a sound
a voice, a song, inside be found
cries out, cries out, to be unbound

the shifter swan’s eyes glisten
as all ears with anticipation listen
a tapping from inside Tavi’s egg
then Tavi hops off with a squawk
the sapphire swan’s wings wiggle
in veil of azure all are covered
except the soon hatching egg maroon

the swan sings a song of calming
the indigo await the dawning
sapphire transforms into a dragon
and unleashes flames on egg maroon
the egg ignites, and none too soon
for from it hatches red chromatic
a baby dragon, all are ecstatic

Tavi ventures close to see
her sister who has broken free
blue aura slowly fades
great joy throughout nest pervades
newly hatched emits a howling yawn
then flutters wings and golden eyelids
swan names the red dragon Astrid

from Odette’s throne a murmur
like a rustle in green forest leaves
swan to another form does conjure
signals Odette to take her leave
then the swan-shaped cloud rained down
upon the viridian egg to drown
then ceased as the egg dissolved beneath

green egg dissolved, revealed the beast
cloud with lightning nudged Odette to greet
Odette nudged green sister with her bill
green’s trunk reached back and all were still
from cloud came swan who with trumpet made
a call to dear young Adelaide

Adelaide flapped her huge adorable ears
and trumpeted back for all to hear
she spread her wings to let them dry
and swished her tail to tease the sky
behold the newborn dragophant
or perhaps she was an elegon
with skin the color of leafy plants

Nicole looked down and sniffed her egg
the bronze orb began to buzz
Nicole’s down turned to fluffy fuzz
she hopped off and nudged the egg
the swan cast lightning, a zap, a thwap
bronze egg in turn began to crack
and from this shell emerged a dragon

the swan called out the name Aminah
Nicole waddled up, glad to meet ya
Aminah opened her wings so wide
and toppled upon her bronzy hide
Nicole spread her wings with love
and transformed from swan to dove
Aminah took one look and knew

Though she was dragon through and through
another form she’d try to do
though newborn, she transformed
to pegasus crossed with unicorn
her mane was bronze, as were her wings
and like a filly she began to sing
Aminah’s song was like morning dew

the sapphire swan surrounded
by six assorted sisters
the seventh egg would wait
for another date

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