wishing well

i am a well
but i’ve lost
my bucket

i had a rope
it broke
bucket fell
went plunk
then sunk

no one hung
another bucket
or cast another rope
down into my depths

instead of pulling up
my precious water
people started
pulling up
drawing out of me
from an even
deeper place
a substance
not a substance
an essence
more valuable
than water

they toss down coins
and whisper words
and sometimes
whisper silence

i had a rope
but now there’s hope
i had a bucket
but now they luck it

i am a well
with nothing to sell
yet still they toss
their money
perhaps you think
it funny

they cast their coins
they toss in trinkets
i say kerplunk
they whisper
all their secrets

i am a well
of those
i’ll never tell

but what is
this precious essence
that people
pay me homage

i am a well
of wishes
’tis true
i wish
them well
but i’ve
a secret
i must tell

the hope
the wishes
that for in me
they fishes
they draw up
from within
the sacred depths
of the wells

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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