the azure three

amidst the patch of patient pumpkin
grows a wee waiting watermelon
they all await the shifter’s seven
hoping for to the hatching hasten

a bed of twigs a hedgehog haven
not a nest for cygnets craven
like a basket lined with woven reeds
this cradle holds a blend of breeds

silent swan shifts on its seven egg nest
placid request turned urgent behest
this blue swan is neither cob nor pen
its three smaller eggs now pleading “when?”

swan’s black-tipped orange bill nudges each
feels and listens for the first breach
the air is still, it does not tell
with eager patience, swan hopes them well

suddenly swan’s ear feathers bristle
a nearby pup lets out a whistle
swan puts an ear to humming shell
swan wings flutter, feathers swell

from nearby cloud a thunderous thwap
tap tap, tap tap, the swan bill raps
tap tap, tap tap, egg echoes back
tap tap, tap tap, the first egg cracks!

black bill emerges
excitement surges
a head pokes out, a cygnet
its azure down still wet

the sapphire swan nuzzles the cygnet
the azure babe not egg-free yet
the new-hatched one breaks out at last
its fluffy down is drying fast

with wobbly legs and unsure neck
the cygnet babe bobs and pecks
under warm wings the new one broods
as shifter checks two more eggs’ moods

the second and the third
appear in turn as cygnet birds
when all three are dry and under wing
sapphire shifter begins to sing

while the cygnets all hatched well
still in the nest, four remaining shells
who knows what creatures inside them dwell
the shifter waits, for time will tell

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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