morning punctuation
beckons from on high
no matter your situation
it calls on you to try

you must find the words
you wish to define your day
to simply follow the herds
or throw yourself into the fray

by the light of Venus, Mars, and Jupiter
and on the other side, the Moon
will the day be clear or just a blur
when the Sun reigns high at noon

punctuation, punctuation
glowing, shining bright
i pour out my adulation
for your reflected light

i hope in some small way
that i can shine a little light
on others throughout the day
and help their days seem bright

when one day blends into the next
when it all becomes a painful blur
when hope is like forgotten subtext
your can become sweet like myrrh

if gas and rock spinning on space
can punctuate your day and night
you too can shine a glowing face
reflect that too frequent hidden light

perhaps you had forgotten
you can reflect and shine like the sun
when we think all has gone rotten
we can shine, each and every one

for within the vast endless darkness
within our souls and out in space
there is light that we can harness
and shine on others with smiling face

become like morning punctuation
as the earth shines for those out there
shine as another’s inspiration
be a star and shine beyond compare

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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