shifter’s seven

seven eggs rest
in blue swan’s nest
shifter’s clutch
devoid of hutch
pumpkin blessed

three eggs of rara avis
about their major axis
twenty-five see-em circumference
the measure of each instance
these the smaller three

the middle one is beige
speckled purple in a rage
within this colored capsule bound
some thirty see-em around
inside, a mystery

the three largest of the eggs
forty fifty sixty see-em kegs
hues marbled like alabaster
colored by different masters
each a unique beauty

these are not of pen and cob
one bronze with streaks of goldenrod
amorphous maze of lines
upon this egg so fine
a delight to see

next to last, penultimate
design that feels quite intimate
a forest green dancing with viridian
with flecks black as obsidian
this egg a university

the last leaves the eyes with stains
maroon laced with sanguine veins
this clutch of seven shells
resonate like artesian wells
begging to be free

patiently the shifter waits
as dragon, phoenix, swany fates
hedgehog and the watchful pumpkin
anticipate their morphic kin
what mood shall this brood be

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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