beloved blackness
beckons with sacred smoothness
bewitching blackness
echoes of former fondness

drawn in by this black allure
playing against the queen of spades
of every hand she is sure
memories of the days of blades

blackness stretches on forever
glassy like fresh obsidian
flowing like an inky river
leading to deep oblivion

such blackness many times has pained
disturbed such sweet fidelity
firmament forever stained
Iridescence dyed indelibly

blackness followed by rains
shimmering sheen of such beauty
a gown of silky softness feigns
sweet seductive surface slippery

time reveals the pristine blackness
washed fresh to shine anew
again unseals this age-old weakness
time to roll again adieu adieu

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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  1. I’m glad you’re posting more!


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