footloose fruit

if everyone were given their due
and just for fun pairs of hand and shoe
some staunch stodgy critics would argue
some characters at the rhyming dance
quite simply, to partner, have no chance

one can imagine a mischievous cat
dancing with a gregarious hat
who had gotten in a spat with a bat

behold the style of jitterbug dog
dancing with a cute twittering log
the pair attracting eyes of a hog

the ball is clearly having a ball
feverishly bouncing off the wall
but earlier ball danced in the hall

the foolish say none dances with orange
because its dancing style rhymes so strange

but i swear to you for two cents change
it just aint true at disco or grange

at the rhyming dance, here’s who dances with orange
the best of the best, let all doubts expunge
a rapier that likes to parry and lunge
an otter named ronnie, ready to plunge
two twins bob and bab, a species of sponge
the limbo queen, ready for a challenge
a bluebird, popping blue pill and lozenge
a horse who took a tumble o’er Blorenge
a girl named fern, just hatched from her sporange
then with miss muffet, while eating blancmange
orange danced with a pink door, missing a hinge
and so many more, the floor to scavenge

sour orange fruit
danced with a flute
and played with a lute
what a footloose fruit

this cunning citrus
waltzed with a cypress
was watched by eucalyptus
and went home with a mistress

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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1 Response to footloose fruit

  1. Brad Werner says:

    Inspired by the cartoon “Every year, the same for Orange” at The Awkward Yeti


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