lurkers and berserkers

i was thinking
they were slinking
as my doubts were hulking
i feared they may be skulking

then as i started blinking
my sureness was slowly sinking
my resolve resorted to retreating
that’s when they started shrieking

different factions started pouncing
the oh pee frantically flouncing
the squiddites synchronized derailing
silly semblance of peace prevailing

some kettle churn provokers
a lot of long-time lurkers
the transient twerkers
and belligerent berserkers

innocents with story spelunking
amidst trigger bombs plunking
and vultures’ circled slunking
while wicked memes debunking

trumpeting relevant elephants
and plotless bunny chants
calls for admins and squiddites
pleas for editors and agents

writing with clear intent or chance
all while querying a stance
whether to plan or pants
some dwell and others glance

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to lurkers and berserkers

  1. kaerze says:

    Thank you. My current state of being clearly stated.


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