as we stand side by side
our dark shadows do blend
but where does one end
or the other begin
as one image we appear
we stand and laugh, unified

you point to the darkness
our shared image combined
individualities unbind
cannot tell you what color
are our hair, eyes, or skin
unleashing light’s harness

release the kite of the light
threads of perception unwind
and in deep shadows we find
gone are shortness and tallness
a step forward or backward
seems to alter one’s height

you stretch out your arms
mine spread out in kind
our likeness entwined
as a four armed creature
we admire the features of
our shadow’s considerable charms

we defy all known epithets
one part of us pirouettes
as we weave stories in vignettes
our shadow show dances along
like plato’s cave set to song
life acted out in silhouettes

and at last our play is done
shadow games brought to conclusion
time to trade truth for illusion
shadows separate, light between
yet fondly shall we remember
the shadowy day we were as one

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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