Sharing Others’ Works

Do you Reblog the posts and articles of others? Have done any book reviews in the past year? When you feel inspired to share a story with your followers, do you just hit Share or Reblog, or do you add a comment? When you see something reblogged, how often do you read it, and what might entice you to take a look?

In the following article, author Kelly Blanchard (kellannetta of Cinemagraphic Writing) describes the results of a survey she had performed asking a similar, but more specific question. When you read a blurb for a story, article, or other work, what is more likely to grab you attention and compel you to check out that work? Do you prefer brief or descriptive blurbs?

What are your thoughts? What tempts you to click on a link to read more?

Cinemagraphic Writing

Sharing the works of others—it’s the courteous thing to do in order to support one another, but it is one thing to share someone else’s work and another thing to get that writer new readers. So how do you do it? First off, you have multiple platforms on which you can promote others. Any social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, etc) offers unique opportunities, but how do you share? What do you say?

Most of the time people simply say, “Read this awesome story!” or there might be a little more like, “Be sure to check out this fantastic fantasy story!” or such. It tends to be short and relatively vague, and it works…sometimes, but personally with me, such blurbs really don’t get my attention. It gives me no motivation to click on the link because it doesn’t speak to me.

However, I ran an experiment. I wrote…

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2 Responses to Sharing Others’ Works

  1. nrtupper says:

    Honestly it takes a LOT to make me click on any links. I am completely overwhelmed with advertisements, especially since I got into my writing. Everywhere I turn somebody is trying to sell me their book.

    So far the only advertisements that have worked… are no advertisements. I have only spent money on books of my friends or books I stumbled upon on my own while browsing Amazon.

    I know this isn’t helpful… but keep in mind that I think MANY readers are overwhelmed with advertisements and that means you need to do something extra special to stand out.


    • Brad Werner says:

      Actually, that is immensely helpful. Also, I very much agree that the deluge of advertisements is troublesome and daunting. Thank you for taking the time to reply and share these thoughts!

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