sakura et syringa

oh dear queue two

someone cue queue two
we’ve passed beyond 
the gates of virgo
sailed on past
the ides of april
the carpet is complete
sweet cassia is spent
acacias shed their last
with the toasty scent 
of erstwhile blossoms
we conclude the yellow reign
upon us is lush age
with hues of pink and purple 
i dream of sweet sakura
the monument to monticello
memories flood into my mind
images appear before my eyes

from the blossoms of my memories 
i hear the babbling of rock creek
and the shady long canal
memories flow into the basin
and on downstream
to the arced basin of sakura
winds of time blow through my brain
to another canal within the well of time
so now i dream of dear syringa 
lush purple blossoms full of rhyme
up from the canal in highland park
nostalgia carries me on a lark
but now back home 
my mind does dwell
to new budding blossoms
of joyous jacaranda 
and i am lost in fresh spring growth
scents of syringa and sakura
linger on

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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