creative coil

slinkies save the day

when used for more than play
when you need another spring
for your latest Rube Goldberg thing
use a slinky, or three, or four
then such glee you’ll have in store
they’ll help you fetch what’s out of reach
they’ll help you with your seismic speech
a demonstration for comprehension
a push a pull, to show compression 
a wiggle-waggle to shear transverse
a slinky helps your group converse 
and when not showing wavelets
slinkies make lovely bracelets 
such a multifunction coil
a loopy fencer’s foil
slinky can expand your notes
or tie together tandem totes
and when you’re up for fun 
set your slinky on the run 
send your slinky down the stairs
or surprise someone unawares
like a spider dangly
slinky gets ’em jangly
so when you’re tired and blinky
wake up with a dose of slinky

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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