desert diablo

scantily clad scenery

devoid of excess greenery
nearly naked hills
surely give me chills
this stark and foreign land 
painted by a cruel hand
unencumbered by
stone-stoked flaming sky

screaming sky set ablaze
presaged havoc it would raze
this glowing iron ore
to battle latent lore

tales of old were written
of brave bold and smitten
millions of years amassed
expecting it to last 
this precious peace defiled
by celestial wild child
forty-five meters across
a much greater pile would toss
eighteen klicks a second hurtling
mile-wide bowl it would fling
this agent of upheaval 
neither good nor evil
stripped bare run through the ringer
desert diablo stinger
descended with speed that blinds 
upon this land beyond the pines
formerly fertile land defrocked
wounded scarred and deeply pocked
sand and shale were deeply shocked
when they did meet the ore that rocked

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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