stars in our hearts

we were in search of
new civilizations
ancient civilizations
and our own essence
which often hides in between

we were a people
lost in the vastness of space
to find within our marrow
deep down in inner space
the seed that drives us all

you led us beyond
with green-blooded grace
to conquer our own
dual-natured spirits
yearning for learning

poised to explore
ready to rediscover
on chariots of the gods
we are all reformulated
stellar ejecta

transcending the atmosphere
of our turbulent emotions
forging new foundations
the bold path beyond
all our yesterdays

double victory steeped
what logical thought hath wrought
for modus ponens and tollens
abhorring ad hominem
adhering to ad vulcanem

seeking shakti and shekhina
cultivating our divine abode
within one another’s hearts
no mission was impossible
even kobayashi maru

so many lessons you taught
whether are or not Spock
with one eyebrow raised
twinkling stardust in your eyes
spreading the love of life

such space seeds you’ve sown
within mind body and spirit
to live better right here
and even boldly beyond
in the celestial farm

always tending the garden
dissolving space between us
the greatest message of all
live life with love and
never crest in your laurels

thank you for many
marvelous memories
all the fish and the whales
may you live long and prosper
in the stars in our hearts

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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