glorious gray

i awoke today
that in itself
was cause to rejoice

i awoke today
to the glorious gray
of rain-filled skies

the voice of the day
sang out in a way
that made me cry

great glad sea of grey
stretched out over the plain
this sea had a voice

it sang a subtle song
not roaring like waves
but sweet-speaking haze

’twas not sad-giving græy
but play-tempting gray
grey of infinite choice

the whole sky was primordial
dichotomous as lentils and chili
concentrically soupy

this gray was lush
meandered endlessly
and was lost in itself

rich glorious gray
lingered lazily
then subsided

after rain’s retreat
the next day
brought a rare treat

my lungs felt
the fresh lightness of
this foreign substance

to sip but a taste
yet sense its precious
life giving essence

of mists vaporeal
tendrils arboreal
come gifts of gray

weaving their ways
like ivies and catsclaw
up the walls of my heart

this glorious gray
seeps in through the cracks
to sprout seeds anew

bless this beauteous gray
that shows my heart the way
to brighten any day

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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