karmic mutation

do not water
all the seeds of karma
with water or intentions
equally without distinction

decide and choose
when they are still seeds
if you can
or at least when they
are young sprouts
which are weeds
and which you desire
to cultivate

tend the garden
of your soul
you can trek
off the road
that has been paved

not all seeds
of karma
must sprout
you have a choice
every moment

resist too the winds of fate
that which grows
is ever changing
reaching toward light

seeds set in stone
sprout not unless
any small fissure
brings water in
pitting seed against stone

cultivate what you want
not what you had been
nurture your sprouts
make mulch of weeds
be what you cultivate

seeds of karma
can mutate
weed well
select your breed
blossom anew

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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