as i was
to ascend

as i faced
the cascade
of rising faces

i noticed
upon each step
a curve

’twas up
then down
and up again

from edge
to middle
and edge again

some would say
it was a sag
that had them down

that weakness was why
each wore a dip
upon their lip

perhaps each step
started out straight
then slowly did abate

through heavy use
had paid its dues
crisp lip to lose

each step
well worn
from years of wear

i stared
and gazed
upon the stairs

then up
went i
up smiling stairs

they raised
the corners
of my mouth

now each time
i smile as i go
up or down

and not just these
but on straight lipped
stoic stairs

i smile first
as i tread
on any stairs

that one day
we all may be
stairs smiling
back at thee

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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