Thanksgiving 2014

For those of you who have known me for any length of time, you have likely read or otherwise know that I revere every day throughout the years as a day of Thanksgiving. I shall spare you the verbosity of my still-after-all-these-years-unfinished poem that I have begun thousands of times. I am thankful for air, water, sun, gravity, ants, bees, migrant workers, non-migrant farmers, ship pilots, truckers, road pavers, more bees, crops, weeds, shrubberies, trees, water again, more ants when they stay “outside”, dogs and cats and birds and lizards living together, the people who stock the produce section of the grocery store, the people who stock parts of the grocery store I just walk through and around, people who weave and those who labor over machines that weave. I am thankful not just for goddesses, gods, demigods, and angels, but also thankful for leptons, bosons, and quarks. I am thankful for the strings which weave their ways through the field of the universe and those threads of universal consciousness and seemingly individual consciousnesses. And tachyons. Entropy of course, perhaps more so than gravity. This is why my food gets cold whenever I start such prayers of thanks, and why I silently verse a brief one when other people eat with me, then attempt to continue silently with more giving of thanks with every bit and every chew. But it is not just at mealtimes.

A few of you may also know how and why I am also thankful for people who are brave enough to venture through adversity and troubled times, enduring the pains and hopefully coming through the transformative processes in positive ways. May we learn to better help one another, and to see when others need it, for we all know that we are often too brave and proud to ask.

I am thankful for you. May the spirit of thanksgiving, the power of humility to yield, the willpower to persevere, and the grace of giving be with you on this day and always, in good times and through troubled waters. Peace be with you. Thank you.

About Brad Werner

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