i wanted to see
what it was like
this thing called reality
i took hold of my reel
and cast in a line

someone once told me
reality bites
so i waited patiently
for the slightest feel
of nibbles or bites

if you want some true fiction
i could cull you a tale
of quiescent quillers
or satisfied scribes
and reality pales

said you need to be free
to truly see the sights
now you sail about aimlessly
on krooked kiltered keel
your sails khaotic kites

faced some fabulous friction
came in fast like a gale
laid waste to your tiller
wind wailed its jibes
laughed as you bailed

it started to flee
my line took a hike
got a bite from reality
my bait did it steal
well maybe next time

i put in a plea
for a lucky strike
to catch this reality
the wind was ideal
the water sublime

then it came to me
telltale tugs on my line
i reeled in reality
one last flash of the reel
there it hung on my line

at last i could see
so much smaller than fiction
this tiny reality
had to throw it back
and reclaimed my pen

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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