one book

you asked
what books
stuck with me most

it’s like asking
do i enjoy the mountains
or prefer the company of the coast

would i prefer
mingling with the guests
or listening to the ultimate host

another day
your question
(perhaps it was suggestion)
led to prolonged introspection

this time
you had asked
what books would i take
to some fabled island

if i gaze past
these towers beside me
beyond these terraces
of the written word
i can see that island

you had asked for ten
i shall tell you one
with it rises and sets the sun

i could tell you ten
or whittle it to five
but let me prune it down to one

within this tome
are countless tales
innumerable tears endless fun

it is a book most sacred
i read from it every day
without it i know not what to say

for when in murky waters
and when my resolve falters
this book shows me the way

this book always wins
it is my rock of paper
and scissors when i go astray

it has alpha and omega
explains all the others too
whether i’m at work or play

ask not which
child or pet or friend
would be second or third

for i only have
one favorite
this book defines the word

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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