blue green and gold

three balloons
blue green and gold
beheld to the breeze
danced alight with ease

the tethered triad
bobbed and swayed
until past midnight
all had stayed

but by morning light
by break of day
wild wind had led
the green astray

two balloons
survived the night
the third
perchanced a perilous plight

brave blue and gold
their dear green had sold
their sibling ethereous
to a fate most cereus

upon the tallest spiny pillar
on its debut night
of blossoming flowers
bore an extra bud of green

by the time evening fell
the gold had met
a similar fate
impaled upon the spines

the blue remained
to mourn the others
the next night brought
a blossomy bevy

upon the stones
the sole ‘loon fell
its saddened state
proved too heavy

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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