cosmic rain

as i inhale the sweet scent of jasmine
i feel ripples in the aroma
vibrations in the fragrance
of songs older than the sun

sweet nectar drips within my mind
the fragrant liquid elates
and ones essence elevates
fed from ancient aquifer

this fuel for life pools in this oasis
yet from ocean more archaic
of tsunami quasaric
waves lapping on our shores

ours but one of myriad puddles
formed from the distant storm
from the oxygen core
which a dying sun bore

and could no more
spewed forth from the collapse
gravitational mishaps
too strong against the burn

the inner sanctum blended
with outer shells upended
thrown forth from potters wheel
for the neighbors all to steal

hydrogen oxygen mixed
silicon or iron betwixt
as their old star was nixed
flung forth to the next

from hearth of the fusion fires
from fire comes water
from fire comes air
from fire comes the cooler fire
from fire comes wood
from fire comes metal

all rock and life bestowed
from that which did explode
oh fan the archaic flames
that brought this cosmic rain

from distant star
quite ancient far
collected here
and oh so dear

thanks for the share
old star stripped bare
all brought to bear
in the milky hair

and still i smell the linalool
my nose a dancing fool
prancing with my nerolidol
as summer turns to fall

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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