binary fangs

eight sharp fangs
smiling eagerly at me
lined up in a row
not a gap between
what can a single
rank and file bite
still… eight sharp fangs
such a sight to see

they disappear
but i feel them near
eight fierce fangs
give me pangs
chill me with fear

i peek around the door
and to my horror
see four on four
four fangs flashing
gleaming in the night
another four below
are they the same eight
or are there more

eight gleaming fangs
divided in two gangs
they separate
prepare to bite
yet as my pit
is filled with fright
i notice each fang
has a distinctive hue

upon each fang
a signpost hangs
etched in the enamel
my fear quickly fades
as i read the message
my heart fills with delight
as i sum the weighted prongs
and the odometer rolls on

they disappear
but i feel them near
eight friendly fangs
now somewhere nine
a molar sprouting here

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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