repeated dips within your grace
imbue me with the faintest trace
years of basking in your brew
slowly i take up your hue

how i dream of your embrace
or briefest flash of your face
even your passing presence
leaves a taste of your essence

repeated fleeting glimpses of you
fastest horse refuses the shoe
pangs of passion fangs of fashion
further further on you beckon

getting caught up in the race
that transcends both time and space
even asking when or whence
ceases making any sense

repeated dousings in your ocean
saturate me with your potion
what i thought i once knew
yield greater depths anew

sometimes i struggle to comprehend
yet still to deeper depths descend
the longer longer time i spend
i wonder wonder which way we wend

is there no limit to your grace
no bounds to your embrace
the you i thought i knew
blossoms forth evernew

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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