a chorus of leaves
rustling in cool breeze
beckons gently
then subsides

across the lush green
floodplain by the stream
another dense row of trees
verdant gateway calls

across the field
of rain soaked grass
these feet slosh
toward that screen

then through the threshold
and down the bank
where babbling voices
burble beneath the ponderosa

beyond the plain
through the fruited ridge
to find a footing upon grey stones
across the brown flowing drones

once upon the other side
that one-time dome of pines
has become an endless wall
nestled in needledom

lost in the green
ancient aromas
dance with memories
on light forest breeze

surpast the summit
reveals a ravine
down these feet trod
delve into realms unseen

along the rise to a plateau
appears a double rainbow
new beauties nature shows
expanding in subtle flows

another chorus of leaves
playing in the breeze
float beside the stream
amidst fond memories

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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3 Responses to stream

  1. What an insightful and brilliant spread of words!


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