culinary endivery

there’s a keyboard in the kitchen
our mealtimes to enrichen
but wash your hands before you play
don’t mix Mozart with the marinara
well actually that would be okay
just not the other way around

had a scare next to the toaster
better than inside the roaster
like a serpent in the supperware
a microphone is coiled on its cord
feel free to sing as the skillets sizzle
just don’t sauté the cord … again

beside the stove’s a little amp
upon the counter cramped
but please don’t splatter
with your errant batter
that’s not the kind of mix
that it’s designed to fix

this kitchen is a simmering stage
a quarter note or sauce on the page
it makes no difference to the toast
just play the sauce spangled notes
the food is never the same twice
the music’s fresh as new ground spice

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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2 Responses to culinary endivery

  1. gigglinggranny says:

    Thank you. This gave me a delightful morning chuckle! LOL!


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