like is a very big word
does it mean you’ve joined the herd
finally admitting to your inner nerd
that you feel this sounds absurd
or merely to express “i’ve heard”

or the miry marsh of like and as
casting claim that this lacks pizazz
dissed dustbin-destined sympathy
for callus casting by simple simile
or bestowing of the greatest praise

i know not which is true like
like when i fall off my bike
after a cookie i like
like totally comalike
when slammed by the volleyspike

like when i like that like
has so many facets
meanings and the like
and the power to set
off a maelstromstrike

is it time flies an arrow like
or an arrow the time flies like
following the latest trending psych
leading the quarry behind the dike
a nod a smile a wink all alike

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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