subtle songs

wait until darkness descends
not just as the sun sets
wait until the tail of twilight
when the indigo deepens
then we may emerge
safe within the shadow of night

the scorching hot tongue
of baked pavement has run
gone is the burning sun
now we may have our fun

to walk among the garden green
when night has washed away
those overrich colors of day
to dance amidst flitting throngs
buzzing for flowers subtle songs
when all may be heard and seen

wait until darkness comes
and the sacred hidden lights
of our hearts may be seen
not overshone by the brilliant sun
ignited when darkness comes
from the smoldering coals of day

breathe your gentle breeze
upon your silent sleeping soul
stir up the settled sediments
awaken the quiet voice within

walk with me in nights garden
feel each footstep of your stroll
breathe in the fragrance of night
listen to the voice of the wind

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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