dear beloved octothorpe
time you twist
and space your warp

at your sight i hear cupid’s harp
your eight legs
are oh so sharp

mighty leader of every hash tag
mark the good
net ample swag

the domain of tic-tac-toe
you are the realm
of ex and oh

selling seashells by the pound
seedlings sprout
from fertile ground

digits follow the number sign
like little ducklings behind
mother in line

you precede all colors in hex
or meandering sentence with
stray semantics

so many things you can be
after entry digitalis
my enter key

which way do you point
rails aunty parallel
track cross anoint

directives and comments
you precede and define

a spider culling strands of nisus
convergent henceforth
you are nexus

dear beloved octothorpe
you attract the birds
now gorged on gorp

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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