i was mad
but not to worry
it’s a paper slurry
i was mad
about a mag

two guys named al
one on the cover
the other underneath
through golden ages
woven in its pages

one the perennial new man
the perpetual brew man
grinning through a missing tooth
freckled and sipping from
the soda fountain of youth

one drew from a box of rocks
painting parody for the flocks
spinning yarns of weird science
then three decades electrified
building satire’s true alliance

i was mad
about a mag
and for sure
from spies’ bag to dag
i had it bad

i found the mag
at the corner cigar
plenty of choice for action comic
but many a quarter
fed this madaholic

with anticipation
for latest diversions
i spied all the books
they formed a long row
to the left of old poe

so many smiles
were fueled by styles
penned by the whiles
of these two als
and all their pals

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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