tasseled talismans

when the mesquites have spun their tassels
and the grapes reweave their vines
the rocks shall nigh awaken
as summer sun soon shines

when the santa rita blossoms
her clustered yellow rose reveals
the coming of of a prickly plate
when purple pears make their appeals

i feel my heart beat in the wind
this arid blood flows through the leaves
this playful breath is faithful
and beats as gusting breeze

how slow the seasons of my lungs
each inhale brings the cool of winter
each blossoms time marked in rungs
my hot breath brings the scorching summer

tan lizards doing push-ups
in the heat that can’t be tamed
indigo raven plots her path
to a tease that shan’t be named

upon the winds of my heart
within the seasons of my lungs
let every blossom start
and every song be sung

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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