since you taught me
to sharpen my pencils
with a pocket knife
i have whittled much wood

since you taught me
the use of triangles
and french curves
i have traced many outlines

since you taught me
how to navigate by compass
protractor and slide rule
i have computed many curves

by example you showed
the value of sharp tools
virtues of a well crafted desk
and a clear set of rules

but you also taught me
how to draw outside the lines
to think outside of boxes
to live in spools of wires

some days i yearn for graphite
to feel the tactile streak
of the gray scrawl its arcs
echoing thoughts upon the page

sketching such symbols
upon the canvas without line
to form each new creation
give birth to prose and rhyme

to see the shine of graphite
observe the sheen in the light
feel the joy as words take flight
every time i write

each time i hold a pencil
or sketch with any pen
i remember how you taught me
you’re with me now as then

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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