dawn’s darshan

awaiting that moment
of first light on flowers
that precious glimpse
of the lifegiver’s glow
filtered through the trees

of that ancient acknowledgment
that in our turning toward
the perpetual face of grace
we had turned away

as we shall turn away again
hiding from the sight of glory
always upon us
ever within us
yet compelled to turn away

assured by angels’ voices
that we face the right direction
the imminent eminence await us
should we simply not turn away
our breathing shifts upon the sight

all living beings respond to the call
even ancient artifacts held in thrall
once glimpsed we cover with shawl
our eyes from beauteous befall
turn back to toil in our stall

about our days in work and play
inspired by the shining face
pluck moments to turn and pray
for fluxful photonic grace
sustained throughout the day

although we turn and look away
our brethren and our sistern
receive throughout nychthenerae
and gratefully acknowledge
all that flows their way

avian angels quell their twitterings
as soon as the painter’s palette
narrows to blues whites and grays
us squirrels scurry after groundlings
so quickly look astray

affirm the ever giving sun
begotten of other blessed ones
all glories from the father’s word
the bang that echoes on today
and praise the darshan of the dawn

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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