two gorges

as i meander
farther and further
from the familiar creek
in which i swam
as a tadpole

the memories thaw
before the youthful pond
cavorting about springs stage
while the others
still frozen in time
evade the winters grasp

a dash of mist
a dose of rain
sets me off
serendipitous splash
plunge into the watery depths
i find myself swimming
in the waters of foreign streams
swimming in a sea of dreams

i hike two gorgeous gorges
in the caverns of my mind
near either eighty nine
of Ithaca and Sedona
i feel the burgeoning babbling
of their chrysalescent creeks
the Taughannock and the Oak

i feel the age-etched edges
of wet pillars and spires
carved of ancient seas
rising up between the spawn
of each creeks meanderese

the mosses and trees
touch me and speak to me
paint me with their mud
as birds call out overhead
i cling to cracks
amidst the flood

as i am washed downshore
these scenes begin to change
find myself amidst the leaves
in the grotto of olden lore

i hike two gorgeous georges
i count among my muses
rolling in their leaves
rustling echoes of sages
find myself within the forest
awaiting another thaw

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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