beyond our sky

double twits
triple chirps
morning light
echoed stirps

ancestral anthems
chaotic symphony
played in polyglot
inexplicable harmony

cytherean jewel glistens
selenity waning hastens
portrait painted of lumens
calls to all who listen

aerial acrobats dance
under art beyond the aer
their music does entrance
twitterers and i stare

winged angels of sky
rooted in trees
my ideas can fly
like me in my dreams

optical orchestral odes
celestial majesty beckons
calling avian antiquities
timeless tune reckons

from our peerless perches
perfect pressured purity
we peer out to the caustic
and the beauteous sterile void

and ponder

shall cytherean shores
ever beat with the rhythm
of such angels wings
and their ardent hymns

shall selenic skies
see gusts of glorious gases
hear holy hearts sing
in the branches of their birches

to share our songs
extend our loving arms
stretch our barky branches
to fly beyond our sky

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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