i cannot say what i am
i can only listen to it
softly whispered on
gentle wisps of predawn wind
before the light
has caught the day

i know the way
only by sight
following that gentle wind
that leads me on
chasing gems of wit
tessellated epigrams

for when dawn comes
that light obscures
the subtle breath
of mind’s soft brush
daylight sweeps away
the sacred darkness

both forward and backward
i am the same
palindromic identity
beyond time’s clamorous beat
this subtle heart

photonic brushes
sweep the mind
dust dispelled
luminence deified
seeks any substance
to ignite

beyond ego’s veil
i chase my tail
i am this
i am that
dissolve the difference
dispel faux persistence

there is no i
that is not you
both of us
steeped in the brew
of basil leaves
which is us too

in this ocean
i have swum
on my inner lips
deep in my soul
sit unuttered words
so hum

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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