la deuxième partie

selene and zeus
rule the silent sea
own the inky inverness
cast their comutual cape
cloak upon the deep

flee from the dawn
from which they’re spawned
fear and ignorance they’ve slain
for the righteous they reign

selene held close
my dearest daughter
dances in her drink
vast cephalopodic ink
i see her totter

in full aspect she shines
his highness across
her northern bow
together they sail
through lair apparent

yet alone she stands
a tear off my my brow
some think her cold
forget what you’re told
she’s warm as springtime sun

i watch her glide
across the promenade
full of respect and pride
’tis nothing at all odd
her love cannot hide

About Brad Werner

Technical Evangelist
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1 Response to la deuxième partie

  1. Brad Werner says:

    la deuxième partie de “selene et zeus


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